his (Repeat) (2020)

  • Romance, Drama, LGBTQ
  • 2h 7m


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This film contains scenes of a sexual nature.


Shun (MIYAZAWA Hio) leads a solitary life in the Japanese countryside, living in fear of being outed and shunned for being gay. He hardly ever thinks of his past relationship with Nagisa (FUJIWARA Kisetsu) who eight years prior, while at university, told Shun that he couldn’t see a future with him and left. That is until the man he used to love shows up at his doorstep out of the blue with a 6-year-old daughter in tow. Nagisa asks Shun to let them stay with him for a while and old passions slowly rekindle. However, their new life doesn’t come without a price.

A name frequently appearing at JFTFP (Little Nights, Little Love being screened as part of last year’s season), IMAIZUMI Rikiya upholds his reputation as a director who focuses on underrepresented romantic relationships and returns with a tale of the LGBTQ community’s hopes for acceptance. Handling various issues with sensitivity and understanding, this film represents the rapid rise in works produced under the LGBT genre in Japan.

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