Me & My Brother’s Mistress (Repeat) (2019)

  • Indie, Romance, Drama
  • 1h 36m

Orokamono, おろかもの

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This film contains some adult themes.

Yoko (KASAMATSU Nanami) is a high schooler with a penchant for meddling in others’ affairs. So, when she witnesses her brother Kenji (IWAGO Satoshi), who is knocking on the door of matrimony with his long-term girlfriend, quite literally having an affair, Yoko decides to tail the mistress, Misa (MURATA Yui), and confronts her. The showdown is anticlimactic, however, when Yuko finds herself yielding to Misa’s irresistible charm and strength. She becomes convinced that Misa might be a better match for Kenji than his current fiancée, who had been monopolising his time and coming between the siblings, inseparable since their parents’ death. An unlikely alliance forms between the two women…

This debut feature from co-directors HAGA Takashi and SUZUKI Sho is a smartly written and an updated spin of the Japanese indie romcom, guaranteeing a light entertainment for all which is evident in the Audience Award it has received at the 16th SKIP City International D-CINEMA Festival.

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Online Talk : The Place of Japanese Independent Films

on 27 February from 12:00 (GMT)

With director HAGA Takashi (Me and My Brother’s Mistress) , AMANO Chihiro (Mrs Noisy), HASEGAWA Toshiyuki, Programming Director of SKIP CITY INTERNATIONAL D-Cinema FESTIVAL and Anton Bitel.

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HAGA Takashi









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