Miyamoto (Repeat) (2019)

  • Quirky, Romance, Drama, Adaptation
  • 2h 9m

Miyamoto kara kimi e, 宮本から君へ

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This film contains strong language, and scenes of a very strong violent/sexual/abusive nature which some viewers could find upsetting. A quirky tale of high-octane love is told through the eyes of a hot-blooded stationary salesman, Miyamoto (IKEMATSU Sosuke), as he falls hard for Yasuko (AOI Yu) upon their introduction. At first using Miyamoto to get rid of an unwanted boyfriend, Yasuko ends up growing attached to the overzealous admirer and the two enter a relationship. Soon however, their love is put to the test when he fails to protect her from a violent assault and their volatile relationship devolves with increasing pace until it reaches an explosive and melodramatic finale.

MARIKO Tetsuya continues his offbeat adaptation of the eponymous award-winning manga, imbuing the fast-paced narrative with his signature style recognised from earlier works such as the acclaimed Destruction Babies (screened as part of JFTFP17), presenting the extraordinary journey of one man. IKEMATSU won the Kinema Jumpo Best Actor Award for his portrayal of the protagonist.

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