One Night (Repeat) (2019)

  • Drama, Crime, Social issues
  • 2h 3m

Hitoyo, ひとよ

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This film contains some scenes of a sexual/violent nature.


Pushed past her limit, a battered wife (TANAKA Yuko) takes desperate measures to protect her children – she murders her abusive alcoholic husband. Before turning herself in to the police, she tells her children: “Live how you want. You’re free.” The events of that one night haunt her three children (MATSUOKA Mayu, SATOH Takeru, SUZUKI Ryohei) well into adulthood as their lives take trajectories far from what she could have hoped. Upon the mother’s release from prison 15 years later, all three children bear psychological scars which come to the fore as the family reunites.

SHIRAISHI Kazuya, one of Japan’s most prolific contemporary filmmakers and director of The Blood of Wolves and Birds Without Names (screened as part of earlier editions of JFTFP), is back with a work shot in his distinct style, discussing timely moral and social issues as well as the strength of family bonds.


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Programme Note

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