Samurai Shifters (Repeat) (2019)

  • History, Family, Comedy
  • 2h 0m

Hikkoshi daimyo!, 引っ越し大名!

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When the lord of Himeji fiefdom is ordered to relocate his entire town by the shogunate, the unenviable task of administrating the move falls with Katagiri Harunosuke (HOSHINO Gen), a hapless and shy librarian lacking in any real presence. With no experience in office admin, he enlists the help of Oran (TAKAHATA Mitsuki), the daughter of a former magistrate in charge of relocation who well understands his predicament. Together with a band of friends, they undertake the almost impossible mission of relocating their domain with little to no money and a lot of herculean energy. Will they succeed or fail and risk punishment?

Based on the anecdotal story of real-life feudal lord Matsudaira Naonori (1642-1695), director of Josee, the Tiger and the Fish and Zero Focus (both screened as part of earlier editions of JFTFP), INUDO leads an all-star cast in a raucous tale of light-hearted misadventure and uniting together under one cause. All while imparting some relevant lessons for surviving in the current times.

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Online Talk : The Place of Jidaigeki

on 28 February from 12:00 (GMT)

With director INUDO Isshin and Jasper Sharp.

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INUDO Isshin







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