Soiree (Repeat) (2020)

  • Road Trip, Drama, Romance, Social issues
  • 1h 51m

Soware, ソワレ

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This film contains scenes of a sexually abusive nature which some viewers could find upsetting.


Shota (MURAKAMI Nijiro), an aspiring actor moonlighting as a con artist, is inexplicably drawn to the emotionally destitute Takara (IMOU Haruko) when his troupe conduct a drama workshop at the care home she works at. He, an unfulfilled soul hiding a multitude of emotions beneath a callous exterior; she, a withdrawn victim of her traumatic past. Brought together by an accidental crime they commit, the two mount an impromptu escape, running from their deed and their bleak lives. Will they find what they’re looking for?

In his second feature film since A Sparkle of Life (screened as part of JFTFP17), SOTOYAMA Bunji adapts his own script to deliver an ill-fated love story and a powerfully poignant road trip tale, which explores the limits of Japan’s untouched rural countryside in the same expressive depth as it does the pair’s emotional journey.

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Online Talk : The Place of Realism in Japanese Cinema with SOTOYAMA Bunji (Director of Soiree)

on 7 March from 12:00 (GMT)

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